Project Framework


COROAT works with district collector, social welfare department, Mahalir Thittam, Tamil Nadu Rural Transformation Project (TNRTP), District Industries Centre (DIC), Banks - Lead district Manager, Rural Self Employment Training Institute (RSETI) of all districts. Like minded NGOs in the districts working with transperson are also collaborated.

Towards an inclusive society with transperson

COROAT has exhibited the project framework in the 11th Anniversary of Amani Institute, Bangalore and engaged the participants to think of possible ways of inclusion of transperson in mainstream society.

COROAT has been implementing the project since June 2022 with key stakeholders. The spot-light of the programme is on two broad categories, one set is towards our achievement with transperson and another set is towards our achievements with different stakeholders. Thanks to all the stakeholders for their generous support.

Spot Light of "She In He"
Strategic intervention framework

COROAT follows the three dimensional framework towards enforcing social inclusion of transperson. Mobilising transperson as a member of "She in He" forum at the state level and capacitate them on psychological wellbeing of themselves and entrepreneurship promotion; based on thier skills, interest they are linked with appropriate self employment progarmmes of government and like minded social institutions; COROAT also advocate for the rights of transperson towards basic needs, sensitise the government institutions on the status and needs of transperson towards housing, social security assistance and dignified employment.